Video Depositions

Eastern Missouri Legal Services provides the service of professional deposition video taping in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Robert Pedroli, III has been video taping depositions for the past 15 years.

canonThe video we shoot is all High Def, 1080P 30 frames per second.  We use only the highest quality Canon Cameras.    We have shied away from using lavalier microphones as they have died in the middle of depositions and the horizontal microphones on the cameras are awesome.
For video that is going to trial we implement the video and transcript into a program which shows the words across the bottom of the screen on the video.  We also make whatever cuts are needed of the videos for mediations, settlement negations, arbitrations and trials.  We also show the videos at the trials on our High def BenQ projectors and screens or Televisions.  We use DJ quality sound so the jury hears everything.  Some other lawyers just rent our projectors or other equipment for the trial day.

We can bring your deposition to life at trials and mediation with our Litigation Services.

Price List

First Hour $150.00
Every Hour after First $100.00
For Flash Drives’s all formats available $50.00